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Brooke Tyler · (561)413-4408 · Orlando Escort

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Brooke Tyler here, part time xxx porn star and full time xxx. I run my own sites and xxx blog and am based in Orlando, FL. I am not going to fill you with all the stuff you normally see in these short little bios but get straight to the point :) Your time with me will be high class and awesome...yes I said it....awesome... and yes I am willing to back it up :) My pictures are always current and always photoshop is for liars scenario here and you can always follow my blog to see clips of my latest and most current videos as well. I keep myself in great shape so keeping up is never a problem for me if you know what I mean :) I am not in this because I have to be, I am in this because I want to be so if your looking for the upper class without all the wierdness then you my friend have found the right person.

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