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Jordan Skye · Orlando Escort

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I'm a bubbly, fun kinda girl. From my magazine covers to yours, my eyes draw you in and my sensuality keeps your attention...

So this is the part where I am supposed to tell you all about myself, but I find something intriguing about us getting together and you finding out on your own... I will say that if you like fine art and a good Cabernet then we are off to a wonderful start. There is all too often a certain stigma attached to heavily tattooed women. However, you can rest assured I do not fit into that mold. I'm very approachable, have class ,and also highly enjoy intelligent conversation. I could tell you all about my body art but would rather you discover it all, as you view it from every possible angle... I will say that it's all tastefully and professionally done as I care a great deal about my body and physical appearance. After all, you only get one and I like to take care of mine well.

Don't let that fool you though. I am more than just easy on the eyes. I believe life should be enjoyed daily every way possible in all aspects. Having fun and enjoying yourself is the key to a happy life. I have no time to be pretentious or stuck up it's just not who I am. You will see when we meet how easy going and happy-go-lucky I truly am. Being a good girl is something I take pride in as well unless being "bad" is necessary. I do that very, very well. Sensuality has been said to be my specialty and I tend to agree. You can see it my eyes when I gaze into yours. I've been told I ooze sex.

I've have a successful career as a model since the age of nineteen with a total of twenty magazine covers, numerous films, and over two hundred internationally published spreads and articles. I am well traveled as well as adventurous. I'll give you just a few random facts about myself... I love the color pink and hate tomatoes themselves, but strangely enough enjoy marinara and salsa. I don't tan often but when I do it's without a swimsuit. I'd like to leave some things up to the imagination:) So let's meet and you can find out all on your own...

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