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Helsa Bekker · Orlando Escort

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Let's spend some time together...

You're probably a different kind of person (If you're drawn to me).

Like me, maybe you're intellectual - a professional, an entrepreneur, or a creative ... and you're seeking that inspirational sweet spot in your own venn diagram where all the parts of you come together. For me, that feeling comes when I have a muse - someone to anticipate connecting with, away from the rest of my life.

I think those delicious connections have the potential to feed us in a profound way.

My professional work - and my art - both consume most of my time... too much for a conventional monogamous relationship.

But I really crave having a few days a month where I can laugh and play and relax - and leave it all behind - with someone sexy.
I'm hoping I can find someone new who's seeking the same.

I'm fit, tall, sexy, adventurous and curious... a good conversationalist and well-traveled.
I have also been a massage practitioner for many years - and I love to touch.

Availability: Once we've gotten to know each other, I can usually be ready on fairly short notice - for a weekend retreat or a brief rendezvous... But I'd love it if prior to our first meeting, we could get to know each other first by email and phone so we can establish a good rapport. I will be using p411 to verify, so that's agood place to connect also.

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