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If you are a gentleman of exquisite taste who enjoys the company and essence of a beautiful, ebony young lady you have found the right provider. I pride myself on my reputation as the reviews speak for it and enjoy meeting new people. I will not send you a picture, practice unsafe activity, partake in explicit or vulgar conversation, nor will I stand to be disrespected or have my time wasted. One word messages, including but not limited to, "hey", "what's up", "location?", "rates", and anything along these lines are unacceptable and result in lack on response or being unwelcome to contact me again in the future. Do not call at inappropriate hours, such as 12am-9am, just text, no excuses for breaking my rules will be accepted! (480) 666-4383 I am available for both house calls and accept guests. In your initial message include a proper greeting, an introduction and the length of the date you would like and the type (house call or no) in a complete sentence. Do NOT CALL AFTER MIDNIGHT, JUST TEXT.

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